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springing up between the cracks

Introducing Kikimora Records, a brand new independent label, promoter and ecosystem of imaginative and amorphous music from Birmingham and beyond. 

Established in 2023 by composer/performer Rosie Tee and multimedia creator Emily Doyle, Kikimora Records are growing a fruitful community of artists and listeners. They produce enchanting events in irregular spaces around the Midlands that showcase music 'you can't quite put your finger on', including the co-production of Nightgarden Festival (audiovisual delights in Manchester’s hinterland).

Rosie Tee's Night Creature - KIKI001

out now on Kikimora Records 

An avant-pop cryptid. The first release from her own label Kikimora Records, this six track mini-album imagines folk tales from Tee’s Polish roots through a haze of purring synths.

"The Birmingham connection can't help but bring to mind the similarly adventurous – and forever missed – Broadcast and there’s certainly a connection there, both in the precise vocals and psych inflections." - THE QUIETUS